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Turn Into the Ground album art

In a little over a year, TLDOTY played more than 100 shows, they recorded their debut album “Turn Into the Ground” (January, 2012) and I designed the album art.

When the drummer asked me to design a decal for the front of his bass, I ended up creating a logo that screams The Longest Day of the Year. Their music is difinitive and speaks for itself, but there was no face given to this hammering outlaw folk rock. Darin wanted something distinctive but simple to stick in people's minds while they're drinking from 10-50 feet away.

A mule has been the central focus of their artwork, and we talked about throwing the acronym TLDOTY on the face to cover up the drum's brand name. Why not kill two birds with one stone? I had already sketched a mule for a previous project. So, it just took a handful of revisions before I had some proofs to show the band. They loved the concept and we quickly finalized a design. It is now on the drum face, business cards, stickers and everywhere else that The Longest Day of the Year is found.

I was asked to design a decal, but created a foundation for their brand instead.

Rardon+Eberwine Wedding print

Thanks to Jim+Ravyn Photography for capturing the day and some of these snippets above of what I created for our wedding celebration. Invitations, programs, signage and more.

Starting as an intern my junior year at Purdue, I was the go-to-guy at Ag Printers. It was my job to make corn sexy. (and soybeans, wheat, sorghum, ...) I worked on a number of product campaigns based around product guide catalogs. Working closely with clients by phone, email and the occasional house visit, I made relationships that helped me understand exactly what they needed and optimize their promotional materials to increase sales more more every year. A couple of my favorites are highlighted below.

WARNING : These are just images of corn below. No matter how amazing they look, do not try to eat your screen.

2010 Praire Brand Seed Catalog Layout

Their in-house design team created covers, then came to Ag Printers for layout, product area and compliance. This was a win/win because they asked for designs that Ag Printers' custom software had never done before. Thus, making our programmers make the improvements we had been requesting for months. And, Praire Brand won because I knocked it out of the park with their catalog design. They added a second specialized catalog that year because they were so pleased halfway into creating the first catalog.

B-H Genetics Campaign

4/4 color process. Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Ag Printers' Custom Product Area software, Word and Excel

B-H Genetics first three campaigns with Ag Printers built upon and improved their clientele and sales every year. Consistently higher sales and company growth every year just by repackaging the company and their products. Not bad, eh? I always looked forward to working with them as well, as they knew what they wanted, yet gave me the artistic freedom right off the bat to give them something new and better.

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